Northern Italy

Moving up to Northern Italy, I was very excited to explore Tuscany. The rolling rural landscape was beautiful, the produce delicious and we enjoyed spending time in some of the many lovely old walled villages.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa was next, another famous ‘icon’ I was so happy to finally see in person. Apparently it s now stabilised, but it is really on a lean, or, “on the piss” as we would say back in NZ.

We then spent a few days in Venice, which was definitely time well spent. Venice was the place that completely met and probably exceeded, my expectations. Everything is as special as it looks in pictures and everywhere you turn is another photo opportunity.

We spent a lot of time on the water, exploring the canals and smaller islands. My favourite small island was probably Burano, with its brightly coloured buildings. We also went to the beach (see my Shell Art below) and tried some of the local cuisine, including a yummy strawberry wine.

We then made a quick stop in Verona. As a bit of a Shakespeare fan, I wanted to see ‘Juliet’s house’ and the balcony that apparently inspired the well-known scene in ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Although Shakespeare never actually went to Verona so I’m not sure how they decided all of this…

Our last stop in Italy was Turin, to catch up with a friend we made at the 2013 Hogmanay (New Years) celebrations in Edinburgh. Alessandro kindly took us out for dinner, showed us around the centre and explained some of Turin’s history. We then went to a beautiful old ice cream parlour to have delicious gelato for dessert.



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