The Last of the UK *snif!*

Driving back to London from Newhaven, we went via Salisbury so I could finally see Stonehenge. I have always wanted to go since before I moved to the UK and I can’t believe I never went in the five years I had been living nearby in London.


I’m so happy I finally saw these incredible stones.

Afterwards we went to a great wee pub called The Boot Inn at Berwick (link below). If you’re ever in the area, their food is great and there is a great farm shop for groceries down the road and a farm that sells the most amazing free range eggs just round the corner!


While back in London-town we also went out to Windsor one afternoon to see the Queen’s castle, wander around the cute buildings of Eton college and just get out of the city for a little while.


Last, but certainly not least, on our last night in London….. we went to see The Book of Mormon musical! As we are both fans of South Park and contorversial humour, we thought it was great. Even Tim, who is not a fan of musicals in general, laughed throughout and really enjoyed it.


PS : Cute squirrel pic! I’m going to miss these cheeky guys too.



Next stop…. Iceland!


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