The Land of Fire and Ice

Most airlines fly from London to Hawaii via Iceland. We both love Iceland so decided to stay for a few nights in Reykjavik.

We made the most of our few days by renting a car to get out of the capital to where we could hike and see some of the amazing scenary, rivers, waterfalls and so much geo-thermal activity.



We made sure we pulled over to see a group of Icelandic ponies grazing near the road. They are so friendly and immediately came over to see us. We hopped into the paddock with them for lots of cuddles and Tim even made a fellow Ginger Friend.


We then went on a short, but epic hike up to a waterfall. There was a ‘bridge’ we needed to cross….. just one wire! I actually went across it first after Tim talked me through it and made it sound positively easy. I made it and it was OK…. but it’s definitely a good arm workout!!



Another day and another awesome wee hike up a valley with lots of steam vents and the ‘Hot Pot’ thermal pool. We were lucky to stumble across the pool as we just saw Viktor (who lives in Iceland) getting in. What an amazing find: the perfect temperature, deep and the most amazing view. No need to go to the Blue Lagoon after you’ve been here!


That night, and it was pitch black by 4.30pm, we explored an old lava flow tube / cave. It went so far back and while the lava patterns and colours were amazing, I wasn’t exactly comfortable being so far underground with no sign of the exit so we didn’t go all the way to the end.


We then got to see the NORTHERN LIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!! We don’t have the best camera for this kind of photography but we had 10 minutes of a little colour and seeing the lights ‘dance’ and move. Just fantastic!


On our last day we stopped by the Bridge across Two Continents and went to the coast. Here is a picture of me standing between the Eurasian and North American continents.


It’s amazing just how much we were able to do and see in such a short period of time and I have included just a tiny portion of the photos we took. Thank you Iceland for another amazing holiday!



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