Visit to a special after school programme

My first impressions of Nepal and more specifically, Kathmandu have so far met expectations. The traffic is crazy, no traffic lights, narrow streets and multitudes of cars, vans, scooters and motorbikes. There are an inordinate number of low-hanging, sometimes broken electrical power lines everywhere. It’s dusty. Like, really dusty. Everyone wears face masks, bandanas or scarves to cover their mouths and noses from the earthquake and building works … Continue reading Visit to a special after school programme

And Finally to France…

Our first glimpse of France was as we drove through the Alps from Italy to Spain. The region was a riot of Autumn colours and was breathtakingly beautiful. Crisp mornings with lots of sunshine…. I didn’t want to leave. Aside from beautiful towns such as the fairytale Carcassone (below) we also got to see the Roman’s Pont du Gard which I remember learning about in … Continue reading And Finally to France…

Still Sunny Spain (Warning : Lots of Food Content)

It’s well and truly Autumn now but we managed to squeeze a few more sunshine hours into our trip thanks to Spain. In fact our first stop in Barcelona was properly hot and I wish I had packed my bathing suit to take advantage of the city beach they have. Lack of swimming aside, we packed in a bit of sightseeing. I was quite excited … Continue reading Still Sunny Spain (Warning : Lots of Food Content)

Sunshine on the mainland of Greece

While Autumn may be coming to this side of the world, Greece was still hot hot HOT….. yay!! Our visit started off rather historically in Northern Greece, particularly Macedonia, where we saw towns and monuments related or dedicated to King Phillip the Second (Alexander the Great’s Dad) and even his tomb, wonderfully presented in a museum built into the hill where it was found. Meteora … Continue reading Sunshine on the mainland of Greece